Frequently Asked Questions

Why can prices for a cleaning be different between patients or between cleanings on the same patient?

A proper cleaning or recare appointment involves a number of procedures including some or all of the following: exam, polish, fluoride, scaling, root planning, and radiographs or x-rays. When we create your custom treatment plan you will know ahead of time what procedures each cleaning will involve.

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Why do I have tooth sensitivity after my white fillings?

Tooth sensitivity after a filling is a common problem. It can be caused by a number of factors. Bonding agents, polymerization shrinkage, proximity to the nerve and bite pressure can all lead to tooth sensitivity. The bonding agents used in white fillings are very technique sensitive and have varying degrees of susceptibility to moisture contamination.

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Why do some dentists offer free tooth whitening?

Many dentists will offer free tooth whitening to acquire new patients and grow their practice. What is important for the patient to understand is that not all tooth whitening systems are the same. Patients need to be informed about the type of tooth whitening being used or offered and need to ask the following questions.

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