How Do Prosthetics Return Your Smile and Function?

Prosthetic dentistry refers to a broad category of dental procedures that return function and aesthetics to a patient’s mouth. Prosthetic dentistry is categorized into removable and fixed. A removable prosthesis can be taken out of the mouth by the patient and includes complete upper and lower dentures, partial dentures, and “flipper” partial dentures. These dental appliances are supported by natural remaining teeth, implants, soft tissue (i.e. “gums”) or a combination of all three. A fixed prosthesis can’t be removed from the mouth by the patient and includes complete upper and lower dentures, bridges and crowns (“caps”) and veneers. These dental appliances are “fixed” in the mouth and are secured to natural teeth or implants.

In most instances when we think of prosthetics we think of dentures. Missing teeth can cause patients to feel incredibly self-conscious. Poor fitting dentures can adversely affect an individual’s ability to speak normally and prevent them from enjoying the foods they love or engaging in social activities. There are a number of reasons why a patient may have lost one, several, or all of their teeth. Predisposing health issues, hygiene, trauma, financial or a combination of these factors can contribute to the loss of teeth.  Dentures have traditionally been a prosthesis tolerated by patients because there were no other options.  Sore gums and loose dentures that pop out of the mouth can now be a thing of the past. Today we have solutions that can eliminate these problems for our patients.  Modern dentures are custom-made to perfectly mimic the look of teeth that the patient has lost, making them virtually indistinguishable from natural teeth during conversations or even mealtime. Dentures can now be secured to dental implants as a removable or fixed solution providing greater comfort than ever before. We can secure dentures so that they function and provide aesthetic outcomes allowing patients to chew and smile with confidence.

Happy elderly seniors coupleNew research and techniques have opened up a number of options that were not available in the past. A patient that may not have qualified in the past may find that they are now candidates for these solutions today. Call us today at the Advance Dental Group for your consultation and we would be happy to review all your options.

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