Sports Guards

Sports guards help protect a person’s teeth while enjoying the activities they love. Sports guards are most commonly associated with high-impact sports like football, boxing, and hockey. They help to prevent or minimize trauma to the mouth and teeth when this area receives an impact by spreading the force and dissipating it over a larger surface area. However, no matter what the sport it is a good idea to protect your mouth when possible. From biking to rollerblading, soccer to baseball, it only takes one mishap to cause serious damage to your teeth and mouth. By wearing a sports guard you can rest assured that your teeth will be protected no matter what might happen. We have options for all ages, for contact and non–contact sports and a range of prices. We are an under armour mouth guard supplier and carry their full line from boil and bite up to their custom pro-fit. We can also make custom mouth guards for teams looking for color customization. At the Advance Dental Group if you need a sports guard we will have a solution that meets your requirements and budget.

Sports and Snore Guards

Snore Guard Appliances

It’s not uncommon to hear couples complain about how difficult it is to get a good night’s rest because of their partner’s snoring. Snoring can actually have a detrimental effect on a person’s health and can be a sign of more serious health issues including sleep apnea. In fact, individuals who snore may wake up feeling tired and worn out because they can’t get the rest they need allowing their bodies to recover and stay healthy.

Of course, there are plenty of products out there that promise to prevent snoring and allow couples to both get a restful night’s sleep. However, it is important to be properly diagnosed whether your snoring is caused by airway constriction or obstruction such as sleep apnea. Depending on the cause of the snoring and how powerful the snoring is, snore guard appliances will produce different results.

Snoring is caused by vibration of the tongue and soft palate as air passes through the mouth while breathing. A proper snore guard appliance is a custom fit device that the patient wears inside their mouth while sleeping. The appliance works by positioning the lower jaw forward so that the individual’s tongue is not able to slip back and obstruct the airway.  When proper diagnosis, construction and adjustment of these appliances occurs they have proven to be very effective, not only for the person who snores, but for their partner as well.

A good night’s sleep is very important if a person is going to be at their very best the following day. Individuals who have been snoring for years may be very surprised to see the difference wearing a snore guard appliance makes to the quality of their sleep and life.

Night Guards

night_guardsDo you wake up with sore jaw muscle in the morning? Are you having problems with tooth sensitivity? You may be clenching, rocking or grinding your teeth at night. Medication, imbalances in your bite and stress can lead to loading of your teeth when you sleep that can create much greater force than when you are chewing and eating.

This can lead to problems with tooth wear and sensitivity. Night guards are designed to equalize the forces on teeth and reduce pressure, while protecting them from wear. Modern night guards are much more comfortable and easily constructed. If you have any of these symptoms you may be a good candidate for a night guard.

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