Advance Dental Group Creates ‘Smiles That Move You’ in Kelowna

Advance Dental Group, out of Kelowna, BC, has just launched a brand new website for people seeking all aspects of dental care in the greater Kelowna area in an effort to create “Smiles That Move You”.

Kelowna, BC (PRWEB) December 14, 2013

Dr. Andrew Macdonnell began his dental career in Kelowna nearly twenty years ago and has grown his practice into a full service office which does everything from preventive care to dental surgery. Advance Dental Group has just completed a complete redesign of their website to allow for better access to dental information and to give the greater Kelowna community an opportunity to learn about the Dentists and staff before their visit. Services at Advance Dental Group include family and cosmetic dentistry, crown and bridge work, dentures, implants, fillings, and of course preventive care.

Advance Dental Group is the one stop comprehensive dental facility. Preventive care is the foundation of any dental practice and that is absolutely the case at the Advance Dental Group. Regular checkups and cleanings are encouraged for all clients allowing them to hopefully avoid major dental overhauls. Preventive and basic care include regular cleanings, scaling, root canals, fillings, bite equilibration, and emergency dentistry. Families and children are very welcome at the Advance Dental Group and they hope to establish lifelong family relationships.

In Kelowna, Advanced Dental Group has become the premier destination for cosmetic dentistry. People from all walks of life now understand the importance of a bright smile. Dr. Macdonnell is continuously educating himself in the most advanced techniques of cosmetic dentistry. Whether it is veneers, bonding, or tooth whitening the Advance Dental Group uses only the best and latest materials and practices.

Some patients need crowns, others need bridges, and some need implants, and maybe a combination of all of them. The dentists at Advanced Dental Group can evaluate each patient and help them choose the best and most cost effective option. Advance Dental Group assesses oral health risk with a methodical evidence based approach. They understand that patients require options in treatment and hope to create patients for life.

Dr. Macdonnell realizes that many people are nervous or downright afraid of going to the dentist. Many people have had tooth aches for years, putting their health at risk, yet are so afraid of the unknown they have not had the pain addressed. Dr. Macdonnell and his professional staff want everyone in Kelowna to know that they have nothing to fear and they will be in the best possible hands at the Advance Dental Group.

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Advance Dental Group Creates “Smiles That Move You” in Kelowna