Pediatric Children’s Dentist Kelowna

A Positive Experience For Children And Teens

children and teen dentistry KelownaAt the Advance Dental Group we welcome children of all ages to our practice. Growing and developing children face a unique set of issues regarding their oral health. Their jaw structures are growing, adult teeth are developing and they may be losing primary teeth and going through what dentists call transitional dentition. Their diets tend to be higher in sugars, good dietary choices are not always a priority and oral hygiene skills and habits are just developing. In these formative years education and communication about oral hygiene and diet become very important. The Canadian dental association recommends that children be seen by a dentist for their first visit by the age of one (C.D.A.). All these changes are important to monitor. Early identification of oral disease or developmental issues can help to rectify problems while they are still fixable or reversible. Parents are educated on how to take care of their child’s teeth and we can show children and parents the proper techniques as their child matures.

children and teen dentistry KelownaIntervention at an appropriate time can be crucial to setting your child or teen up for a life time of healthy teeth and gums. For example, during growth your child’s upper and lower jaws are rapidly growing. Orthodontic intervention at the right time can actually modify predisposed growth patterns that could be detrimental to their long-term oral health. Orthodontic intervention at an appropriate time can modifying the relationship of the upper and lower jaw creating a better relationship with their teeth that can reduce the wear over their life time.

Young children are often meeting the dentist for the first time. For some children that can be a stressful moment. At the Advance Dental Group we have a caring staff and dentist that work hard to make that first experience as enjoyable as possible. Whatever your question the Advance Dental Group Team is here to help answer, educate and support parents, children and teens with information and instruction to ensure a beautiful smile for life.